Kalonzo Musyoka Net Worth

Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka is a Kenyan Veteran Politician Who has a Net Worth of $30 Million. Musyoka who has served in different senior Posts in The Kenyan government Including that Of Vice President is a Moderate Citizen who during The 2017 General Elections in Kenya had Claimed to be Worth a mere Ksh41 Million($400,000). It was however a Big lie, having in mind his total annual salaries and renumeration. 


William Kabogo Net Worth

William Kabogo is a Kenyan politician and Business Mogul who has a Net Worth of $210 million. He is currently the seating Governor of Kiambu and a strong Figure in the Kenyan politics. Not much is Known of him Prior to being The Juja Member of Parliament. Rumours have it that he was a Driver and personal assistant to the Controversial Business Man Mwau  Kabogo has been in the Past connected to Major Drug Cartels around Africa and South America though his Arrest has never been warranted and no Charges have been raised against Him. He was once heard saying that he is a rich man who can use Dollar Bills to Cook for his Family.


Hassan Joho Net Worth 

Hassan Ali Joho is a controversial Kenyan Business man and Politician, current Governor of Kenya’s main Port County of Mombasa who has a net worth of $87 million. Famous referred to as the Sultan of Mombasa, Joho has been on the news for being so Critical of the Kenyan Jubilee government, exchanging words in some occasions with President Uhuru publicly.  Joho has interest in Freight,  Real Estate and he had been at Times accused of involvement in Narcotics. 

Kevin Mulei’s BMW i8, A case of Luxury on Wrong Plans? !

Kevin Mulei is without doubt one loaded guy. He has a taste and hand for the fine things life has to offer. A few hours ago, he showed off his Hybrid Model i8 of BMW. While this looks like the best approach, it might not really be a Smart one. The coupe car will have a problem navigating through Nairobi , not because of bad roads but simply Because Kenya has not yet made any such sport car minded infrastructure. Having in mind the issue about Tesla luxury electric vehicles, it will be so hard for Mr. Mulei to enjoy the Electric/ Charging part of the i8. 

All the same here at Teron wish Mr. Mulei was Us, because we would also love to buy a BMW i8 and deal with it’s operation later. We know there are a few more super cars in Kenya that We should review, and we will be doing that in the Next posts. Mean while we love hearing from you. Drop us a comment.

Mike Sonko net worth

Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a Kenyan business man and current senator of Nairobi who has a net worth of $120 million. Sonko is Known for his flamboyant lifestyle and Philanthropy. He is Viewed in Kenya as the most easy-to go-to for donations, with his Outfit”Sonko rescue Team” being used to simply mean philanthropy in Kenya. Sonko has interests in Real Estate and the Motor industry.

Billionaire Dangote Cement Enters Kenya, In a bang!!

Dangote Cement. The Cement is expected to go for less than 50% lower than local Cement.

Africa’s richest Man, Dangote is a Visionary man. After realizing the booming construction business in Kenya, He has decided to Come into the Lime light (so literary) with the introduction of the budget Dangote Cement. His Cement is so Cheap that you can opt to buy 2 for the price of one. About quality, the cement is being imported from Ethiopia. This could explain the reason for being cheaper, Considering labour is cheaper there. It is also an advantage to be a Billionare. We will be airing a Vlog interview with Mr. Dangote soon as our vlog kicks on at our YouTube channel so dont forget to Subscribe for more info.

Facebook Founder wants to buy M-Pesa, in one of Africa’s largest Buyouts.

Mobile money giant, Mpesa, may be headed the Facebook way. The Facebook creator was in Kenya over the course of last week, an impromptu visit that caused a stir on Global Tech business scene. It was the first time that Mark Eliot showed envy on the largest Mobile money company on the planet. Mark made one of the largest buyouts in history when he bought social messaging company Whatsapp. He also bought the premiere photo sharing app Instagram both of which have grown to over a billion monthly users making them the largest social networks and on top ten Websites on Alexa.

What it means for Mpesa

If Facebook finally manages to acquire Mpesa, it will become a global company. It will have advantage of a worldwide exposure through merging with Facebook and it will get world class infrastructure by the elites of the Tech business. Charges will go down, most probably so low due to a Large user base. The negotiations are on going and soon we may be cerebrating one of our own, Changing lives around the globe.

Anne Waiguru Net Worth

​Anne Waiguru is a Controversial Kenyan politician and a former Cabinet Secretary who has a net worth of $13 million. Waiguru has worked with Major government bodies and has intrests in Supply Companies in the Country. Once viewed as one of the Most beautiful and powerful women in the Kenyan government, Waiguru is an Aspirant for a Gubernatorial Post in one of the major Economy Counties in the Country.

*All net worths are calculated on Salaries, endorsements, Visible investments and Stocks.