Drug Trafficking made in Kenya: The Art of the big Fish.

Whenever the word Drug Baron is mentioned, Our minds quickly figure and imagine a moustached Short guy from Columbia or Mexico. We have been used to the “El” names in the Narcotics business. We all know how wealthy this guys are, how their business is huge and how ruthless they are to anyone who crosses their paths. We have also heard how Gentle and human … Continue reading Drug Trafficking made in Kenya: The Art of the big Fish.

Raila Odinga Net Worth

Raila Odinga is a Kenyan politician with a net worth of $270 million. He is one of the country’s veteran and popular politicians having served for over three decades. He also owns large stakes in Many local companies including Spectre E.A which has been briefly named in the Panama Papers. *Net Worths are calculated based on stocks, investments, salaries and endorsements.  Continue reading Raila Odinga Net Worth

James Mwangi Net Worth

James Mwangi is a banker businessman who has a net worth of $150 million. He is the current Group Managing Director and Group Chief Executive Officer of the Equity Group Holdings Limited that boasts of the largest customer base on the continent of Africa. He and his wife also own shares in stock of Equity Group Holdings Limited and British American Insurance Company Limited (Britam), … Continue reading James Mwangi Net Worth

S.K Macharia Net Worth

S. K Macharia is a businessman and media mogul who has a net worth of $200 million, He owns numerous stations in both English, Kiswahili and Venacular that include Citizen TV, Kiss, Radio Jambo, Ramogi, Muuga, Chamgei,Iinooro, Bahari and Wimwaro. He is also into Agriculture, Real estate, Transport and Banking. He is an all rounder as his investments are found in all major companies in … Continue reading S.K Macharia Net Worth