Ferdinand Waititu Net Worth

Ferdinand Waititu Popularly known as Baba yao is a Kenyan Politician who has a Net worth of $12 Million. He started his career as a Deputy Mayor before becoming a Member of Parliament for Embakasi and Later appointed as An assistant minister in the Grand Coalition government, a post which he did not hold for long after the Court declared him unfit to Hold office. … Continue reading Ferdinand Waititu Net Worth

William Kabogo Net Worth

William Kabogo is a Kenyan politician and Business Mogul who has a Net Worth of $210 million. He is currently the seating Governor of Kiambu and a strong Figure in the Kenyan politics. Not much is Known of him Prior to being The Juja Member of Parliament. Rumours have it that he was a Driver and personal assistant to the Controversial Business Man Mwau  Kabogo has … Continue reading William Kabogo Net Worth

Steve Mbogo Net Worth

Steve Mbogo is a Controversial Kenyan businessman, philanthropist and Youth politician who has a net worth of $2.3 million. Mbogo owns the renowned Della wine estate and twelve 4-star hotels in kenya, this is in addition to the 32 apartments he owns in Nairobi. In other counties the billionaire owns 6 nightclubs in Kisumu, Nairobi and Nakuru. Outside the country the young entrepreneur owns two … Continue reading Steve Mbogo Net Worth

Millicent Omanga Net Worth

Millicent Omanga is a Kenyan business Woman, Socialite and politician who has a net worth of $1.7 million dollars. Omanga lives Lavishly and is always seen throwing bashes worth thousands of dollars in posh lounges around the country. She is also a parliamentary aspirant for Representative of Nairobi county women. She has strong ties with the Kenyan presidency and other local leaders. Continue reading Millicent Omanga Net Worth

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Being a Dollar millionaire at 15! The Forex business of J.R. Tshakoane

Mr Louis Tshakoane became an entrepreneur and millionaire at a young age. He has since founded an international organization, Undercover Millionaires International, which aims to improve the community. Founder of Undercover Millionaire International and past pupil of Edenglen High School, Mr Louis Tshakoane, recently visited his old school where he spoke to pupils about starting his business at a young age. The passion for business … Continue reading Being a Dollar millionaire at 15! The Forex business of J.R. Tshakoane

Suzie Wokabi: Making a million dollar Beauty business in Kenya.

Suzie Wokabi is one of Kenya’s most exceptional female entrepreneurs. Eight years ago, she founded Suziebeauty, Kenya’s leading indigenous cosmetics brand after a successful career as a television make-up artist in Los Angeles, California. SuzieBeauty now manufactures everything from lip-gloss and lipstick to eye shadow, mascara and concealers. Suziebeauty is now a remarkably successful brand, and a household name in many Kenyan homes where her … Continue reading Suzie Wokabi: Making a million dollar Beauty business in Kenya.