Facebook buying Mpesa? Finally Reports about Zuckerberg’s Trip.

Mark Zuckerberg and Nigerian president and other stakeholders when he visited Nigeria.

Following my Speculation report on the possibility of Facebook acquiring Mpesa, I got into a deep research, questioning, analysing possibilities from Individuals who Met Mr. Zuckerberg through out his trip, especially from 3 cities;

  • Rome where he kicked off his hunt.
  • Lagos, where he spent some time with Tech community and held talks with government officials.
  • And Finally Nairobi where he dropped by unexpectedly, held an emergency with the Communication Minister and held a closed door meeting with Technologists.

I would like to state that this is just an update and I will be writing a Full supported Piece in a few days. The reason for this update was Simple, to simply quote what exactly is happening. I have reliable sources who have Confirmed that indeed Mark Zuckerberg is deep into a new innovation. My sources have also Confirmed confidently that Facebook’s next big Business will be in Mobile money. I will be writing of the connection between Rome, Nigeria, Kenya and Zuckerberg but For now I leave it at that. Keep it Teron Futures to Know what exactly is cooking about Mark Zuckerberg and Mpesa. I will write an Original Post from Findings from the Techie’s meetings in the three Countries. Your thoughts are Welcome, On the Comments box.


Kevin Mulei’s BMW i8, A case of Luxury on Wrong Plans? !

Kevin Mulei is without doubt one loaded guy. He has a taste and hand for the fine things life has to offer. A few hours ago, he showed off his Hybrid Model i8 of BMW. While this looks like the best approach, it might not really be a Smart one. The coupe car will have a problem navigating through Nairobi , not because of bad roads but simply Because Kenya has not yet made any such sport car minded infrastructure. Having in mind the issue about Tesla luxury electric vehicles, it will be so hard for Mr. Mulei to enjoy the Electric/ Charging part of the i8. 

All the same here at Teron wish Mr. Mulei was Us, because we would also love to buy a BMW i8 and deal with it’s operation later. We know there are a few more super cars in Kenya that We should review, and we will be doing that in the Next posts. Mean while we love hearing from you. Drop us a comment.


Jaguar Net Worth

Charles Kanyi popularly known as Jaguar is a Kenyan Musician, Businessman and politician who has a net worth of $3.2 million. He is well known for his Flamboyant Lifestyles and philanthropic work. He is an avid car lover with a collection of posh cars including Bentley,Range Rover sports, Mercedes Benz E240, BMW 5 Series, Toyota Lexus and Toyota Mark X among others. He is also amongst the few African musicians who own a private plane. He owns a transport company and is a real estate lover with property around the country.
*Net Worths are calculated based on stocks, investments, salaries and endorsements. 


Diamond Platinumz Net Worth

Nasib Abdul Juma known by stage name Diamond Platinumz is Tanzanian Musician and record producer with a Net Worth of $4 million. He is one of the most popular musicians in the Continent and with no doubt one of the most loaded. He has most recently made his world tour covering United States, Europe and Africa. He also has multiple endorsements with major companies and is rated the highest paid East African musician.

*Net Worths are calculated based on stocks, investments, salaries and endorsements. 


Ringtone Net Worth

Alex Apoko well known by his Stage name Ringtone is one of Kenya’s richest and most popular musicians who has a networth of $1.5 million. He is popular for owning some of the best High end cars in the Country including Rangerover Vogue, Rangerover Sport 2015, Land Cruiser V8 among others. He recently moved to a $500,000 house in the Upmarket Karen estate. He is also known for being slightly over generous.

*Net Worths are calculated based on stocks, investments, salaries and endorsements. 


The Voice is here!!

The new season 11 of The Voice is bringing in two brand new faces who are major stars in the entertainment industry. Last season, Christina Aguilera made Voice history when she won the show with contestant Alisan Porter, making it the first ever win for a female coach. Every season has only featured one female judge, sitting among three men on the panel. This season, the tables have turned and TWO female coaches are in the mix. Two veteran judges remain. On August 21, 2016, there is a half-hour season preview set to air around 10:30 p.m. ET after the Olympics Closing Ceremony, while the official premiere is set for September 19, 2016.