Jimi Wanjigi Exposed!! How upcoming Business People are Making Millions Through TYL Limited Tenders!

Jimi Wanjigi is with no doubt One of the richest Kenyan business people. And as it was expected, When he hit the Limelight a few Months ago, It stirred so much Controversy, With the Political calling him Names, and the lovers of big Life Viewing him as the Ultimate role model. Since then, People have been looking for his Company and his more information but being the Fishy business it is, TYL Limited is a very Secretive Company as We recently Came to Learn.

Jimi Wanjigi, One of the very Few photos taken of him, during the Funeral of his wheeler dealer, Businessman Jacob Juma. Jimi and his associates at the TYL limited are a very secretive lot.


So, It all starts when after all the Hustle, You manage to get the Company Contact details. After contacting them, They ask you about the Tender That you want To apply and They get you the Tender in Which you pay to them a commission of 10%. Yes it is a matter of luck getting in to the circle having in mind the Number of people on the Same boat but as You can Imagine, getting in Can change your Life forever.

Also as with other Businesses and organizations in Kenya, Corruption is also a very big Factor at the Company that has half a dozen employees. In many instances, Businesses looking for Tenders pay some upfront bribes in Order to be put on the Receiving Circle. This is because they take advantage of the Fact that the Company like dealing with a Small group of Suppliers to Avoid Contradiction. A visit to Their Website on http://www.tyl.co.ke does not give much information about the Company either.

So, Thinking about the Chances and the Few people We talked to, We can conclude that although Jimi Wanjigi’s businesses are nothing less than corruption minting, It is also a simple entry to Government contracting for Small upcoming business owners.


42 Years in America, Tweng Was the Only thing He brought  back to Africa

One of The Kenyans Deported From America. He has been in America for 42 years and landed back into the Country With Literally Nothing.

A 74-year-old Kenyan who has been in the US for 42 years arrived back home with just the clothes on his back and a brown envelope with phone numbers. He was among seven Kenyans who have been deported as the US government continues to tighten its noose on immigrants. A chartered plane filled with 71 deportees who were mostly Somali nationals, accompanied with US security officials, landed at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) in Nairobi Friday morning.
JKIA police station OCPD Zipporah Waweru said the 71 were deported following their involvement in various criminal activities such as drunk driving, assault and robbery. ‘No name please’ “These were not ordinary people who were hounded out of the streets and then deported. They were involved in criminal acts and some had been in detention in the US correctional facilities,” she said.
The seven Kenyans are Kihanya Charles, Bota Patrick, Githua Paul, Mose Eliud, Nyachae Bosibori Jackline, Ongori Vincent and Seet Sila. Two of them, the Saturday Standard established had been caught trying to cross to Canada using an illegal border point. The 74-year-old, who speaks with a deep nasal drawl — a twang — moved to the US in 1975. He asked us not to publish his name as he is planning to return. He had been arrested for drunk driving. “The judge fined me $1,240 which I paid but immediately I got out of the courtroom, I was re-arrested and sent to a detention camp,” he said. He added that he was in the camp for two weeks before being put on a plane back home. There are at least 500,000 Kenyans living in the US and they send home at least $82 million a year, which is currently Kenya’s third largest source of forex exchange. The seven, who recorded statements at the DCI office before being released will however not be charged in Kenya.
“They (the deportees) didn’t commit any offence here, and we cannot start any criminal proceedings against them,” Waweru said. While they were allowed to walk free after recording statements, their Somali counterparts remained in handcuffs. This is the second batch of immigrants to be deported from the US in five months.

Rise of Waititu Babayao, Fall of William Kabogo: Propaganda and ignorance Major Factor in Kiambu Race.

After successful nominations in Favour of Kabete Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu to succeed The incumbent Governor William Kabogo of Kiambu, So many questions have been left unanswered. There have been many concerns about Mr Waititu`s eligibility as a successful candidate having in light his disputed educational background. His character and integrity has been questioned severally but that is not even the Main question. The question every person is asking is just how one of the Politicians perceived as least educated, poor and rough would rise rapidly to a point of Defeating one of the richest and powerful Political figures in Kenya.

Mr Ferdinand Waititu and William Kabogo at a past Function. PHOTO:/COURTESY

Now, Mr Kabogo is an extravagant Politician who so Much trusts his wealth to do almost anything for him. He has also had a fair share of controversy himself. From hatespeech to murder links and Crime, Kabogo has found himself on the spot. Now I would say to defeat such a person, one would only need to exploit his weakness. And that is the exact tactic that was used by Waititu and his Unites For Kiambu movement. Kabogo has one very visible weakness, Ignorance. From most of his speech and chest thumping, Waititu and Co. Found a loophole. All they needed to do was twist his speeches that were rather innocent, and Media Fabricate them to work in the Vice. Sure enough that was simple and it was just a matter of time before Kabogo came crumbling, HARD.


Suzie Wokabi: Making a million dollar Beauty business in Kenya.

Suzie Wokabi is one of Kenya’s most exceptional female entrepreneurs. Eight years ago, she founded Suziebeauty, Kenya’s leading indigenous cosmetics brand after a successful career as a television make-up artist in Los Angeles, California. SuzieBeauty now manufactures everything from lip-gloss and lipstick to eye shadow, mascara and concealers. Suziebeauty is now a remarkably successful brand, and a household name in many Kenyan homes where her products are the more preferred among the urban, upwardly mobile Kenyan woman.

Last year, Wokabi, 39, sold her company to the Flame Tree Group, a Nairobi Stock Exchange-listed manufacturing group. She still works in the company as SuzieBeauty’s Chief Creative Officer.

Suzie Wokabi, the founder of Suzie Beauty products. She is one of the most Famous women in business around East Africa, Currently Chief Creativity officer at the company

Suzie studied International Relations in college, and thereafter went to pursue a career in the fashion and beauty industries in New York. That’s where she discovered her love for beauty. She worked for Clinique as well as MAC, trained well by both. She also attended a make-up school in LA to study media make-up. She was away in the US for almost 10 years and moved back home to Nairobi in 2007 to work as a make-up artist. She found a gap in the retail cosmetics space (all products imported and overpriced) and decided to try and fill it, with SuzieBeauty.

Facebook buying Mpesa? Finally Reports about Zuckerberg’s Trip.

Mark Zuckerberg and Nigerian president and other stakeholders when he visited Nigeria.

Following my Speculation report on the possibility of Facebook acquiring Mpesa, I got into a deep research, questioning, analysing possibilities from Individuals who Met Mr. Zuckerberg through out his trip, especially from 3 cities;

  • Rome where he kicked off his hunt.
  • Lagos, where he spent some time with Tech community and held talks with government officials.
  • And Finally Nairobi where he dropped by unexpectedly, held an emergency with the Communication Minister and held a closed door meeting with Technologists.

I would like to state that this is just an update and I will be writing a Full supported Piece in a few days. The reason for this update was Simple, to simply quote what exactly is happening. I have reliable sources who have Confirmed that indeed Mark Zuckerberg is deep into a new innovation. My sources have also Confirmed confidently that Facebook’s next big Business will be in Mobile money. I will be writing of the connection between Rome, Nigeria, Kenya and Zuckerberg but For now I leave it at that. Keep it Teron Futures to Know what exactly is cooking about Mark Zuckerberg and Mpesa. I will write an Original Post from Findings from the Techie’s meetings in the three Countries. Your thoughts are Welcome, On the Comments box.

Facebook Wants to Buy M-Pesa, Why I stated so.

Following my last post on Facebook’s interest in buying Safaricom’s Mpesa, I would like to make a few clarification, primarily to my Kenyan readers who raised few Concerns. First the mostly asked question was who is Mark Elliot? I would say I personally depend mostly on Wikipedia, And I had for long thought that was the name of Facebook C.E.O. Still I stand to be Corrected.

             Info Credit:/ Wikipedia.

On the most important question or issue raised, How Credible is the article? Again, this was a Concern from a Majority Kenyan readers. I had stated, Very cleary on a heading Facebook wants to buy Mpesa in Africa’s biggest buy out

That is first of all a simple English sentence. There is a huge difference between wants to buy, buys, and will buy, so I will Clarify on Facebook’s CEO wanting to buy Mpesa.

  • Wanting being by showing interest in Something, if you are in technology, or a staunch follower, you must have a detail to detail info on this techie big fishes. If you are you must have seen Mark’s interest on Mpesa.
  • I have at least had a chance of listening to Mark both here in Kenya and abroad, and his envy of Mpesa is so Clear. When he was in the country last week, he gave direct signs both on Social media and in person.
  • For those who might be thinking Mark was in Kenya on a normal tour, You are mistaken because he said it more than four times that he was in Kenya sorely to talk about Mpesa.
  • Lastly, Am not only Kenyan, am human and I use electronics that make typing errors. If you find a typic error or wrong spelling, that is not enough to raise issues, Am not so well educated.

    From the CEO’s updates, it’s obvious that he is so interested in Mpesa, it only takes Normal thinking to see that.

    Paul Kobia: Hoping to continue the senatorial Flamboyance of Nairobi.

    Nairobians have got a common Image of a Senator: Loaded and flamboyant As in the case of the current senator Mike Sonko who is targeting the County’s top job. And in the less contended senatorial seat, for now, enters another heavily loaded Nairobian called Paul Kobia. You guessed right, this is the Controversial billionaire who has always found himself in the thin for being so Critical of the local opposition. He has been quoted in some instances as being Vocally tribal but non has been confirmed yet. The last time we caught up with Mr Kobia, he was with a group of young ripped men believed to be his Personal guards.

    Kobia has been in the news for various reasons, including possession of fire arms, Colliding with law enforcement and has mostly been seen as a Close Ally of the Nairobi Senator. To know just how rich Kobia is, Check out his Net Worth on this Site. We would also love to hear what you think about Kobia being the Nairobi senator. Leave a Comment below.

    Facebook Founder wants to buy M-Pesa, in one of Africa’s largest Buyouts.

    Mobile money giant, Mpesa, may be headed the Facebook way. The Facebook creator was in Kenya over the course of last week, an impromptu visit that caused a stir on Global Tech business scene. It was the first time that Mark Eliot showed envy on the largest Mobile money company on the planet. Mark made one of the largest buyouts in history when he bought social messaging company Whatsapp. He also bought the premiere photo sharing app Instagram both of which have grown to over a billion monthly users making them the largest social networks and on top ten Websites on Alexa.

    What it means for Mpesa

    If Facebook finally manages to acquire Mpesa, it will become a global company. It will have advantage of a worldwide exposure through merging with Facebook and it will get world class infrastructure by the elites of the Tech business. Charges will go down, most probably so low due to a Large user base. The negotiations are on going and soon we may be cerebrating one of our own, Changing lives around the globe.


    Guide to Successful Online Business Empire – Make money while you  are sleeping, traveling or having fun.

    Article by Mark,Online entrepreneur,

    New York.

    Are you wondering what business is great for you?? Do you have some spare time that you want to monetise? Trust me, all you need is a good laptop, a good phone, internet connection and a little bit of training.

    Online bisiness is a huge industry in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Although most people do it as a part time job due to it’s flexibility, there are People whose lives fully depend on it. Online Business is a very rewarding venture, one that can pay double or triple your own salary. Right now, with a good coaching, people are making thousands of dollars online. It has now even evolved into a full time business with staff and Premises. Personally, I deal with three of the Most profitable fields.


    – This is mostly viewed as the laziest form of trading, and it is actually Very rewarding. You don’t have to sell any products or deal with any Customers. All you do is Find a Company that pays for referrals and there you go. Amazon for example is one of the highest paying. Imagine getting a 75% commission on anything they sell through You. There are thousands of such Companies. All you need to do is Get down to it.

    2) eBay AND ETSY

    – Another great business. People have told rags to riches stories through this two platforms. You can sell anything on eBay. Farm products, Motors, new or used items etc. If you are into arts and such handmade items, you can just decide to also get into ETSY. All you need is an account and a bit of training and you are good to go.


    – Blogging has been around for a while now and people are now realising what a big money business it is. Initially, people started Blogging for fun, until now. All you need is to have an impressive idea or intrest and you are good to go. There are Companies worldwide that pay so much cash to run adverts on blogs. You can also use your blog to run banner ads or to just promote your Affiliate marketing projects or your e-commerce. 

    Those are my best fields although to Make complete use of my so abundant time, I also do information marketing and run a Personal e-commerce site. Here is where you use your talents or profession to make a salary for yourself. So what are we waiting for?? If this is what you have been waiting for, drop a comment on the comments section and let us get you started.


    Susan Kihika: Nakuru Queen of Posh

    Nakuru County Asembly Speaker Susan Kihika. Photo: Courtesy

    Susan Kihika might be a not so familiar name in Kenyan Political Scene, but she is with no doubt a Force to reckon with in the Nakuru County politics. She has Taken control of the County, ruling with an iron fist. She has created too many Controversies, And then Comes her posh life. That’s what Teron Futures is all about, so let’s see.

    The Controversy

    Some residents of Nakuru and members of the civil society want the anti-graft agency to investigate her. They say has been using a helicopter to do early campaigns ahead of the 2017 elections.

    They said Ms Kihika has been dishing out huge amounts of money during public functions as she campaigns to be the next Nakuru senator.
    This comes a few days after Ms Kihika used a helicopter to fly to events presided over by Deputy President William Ruto during his tour of the region.
    “She might have spent at least Sh5 million in a span of two days, while we still demand a lot from her as the speaker.
    “She recently led MCAs in [the] formulation and approval of an outrageous budget which contained sinister allocations and allowances,” said Mr Kimani.
    According to the lobbyists, the Speaker led a section of the MCAs to come up with the budget containing provisions including Sh269 million for the county assembly’s facelift, including the construction of a sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool and a gym.
    There was also a provision for Sh15 million for the County Assembly Service Board, which has four members.
    The move was criticised by some of the MCAs led by Kamara Ward Representative Ngware Ng’ang’a, who termed it extravagant.
    The MCAs also questioned a further allocation of Sh133 million to an unspecified vote head appearing as ‘others’ in the budget.


    New Police Helicopter Crash at Wilson Airport

    A new police Chopper Crashes at Wilson Airport in Nairobi on Monday Afternoon. It is said that the incident happened during training. Kenyans reacted harshly after the incident with questions about quality standards and purchasing procedures of the Police planes. No official confirmation has been made yet by the Authority.