Jimi Wanjigi is with no doubt One of the richest Kenyan business people. And as it was expected, When he hit the Limelight a few Months ago, It stirred so much Controversy, With the Political calling him Names, and the lovers of big Life Viewing him as the Ultimate role model. Since then, People have been looking for his Company and his more information but being the Fishy business it is, TYL Limited is a very Secretive Company as We recently Came to Learn.

Jimi Wanjigi, One of the very Few photos taken of him, during the Funeral of his wheeler dealer, Businessman Jacob Juma. Jimi and his associates at the TYL limited are a very secretive lot.


So, It all starts when after all the Hustle, You manage to get the Company Contact details. After contacting them, They ask you about the Tender That you want To apply and They get you the Tender in Which you pay to them a commission of 10%. Yes it is a matter of luck getting in to the circle having in mind the Number of people on the Same boat but as You can Imagine, getting in Can change your Life forever.

Also as with other Businesses and organizations in Kenya, Corruption is also a very big Factor at the Company that has half a dozen employees. In many instances, Businesses looking for Tenders pay some upfront bribes in Order to be put on the Receiving Circle. This is because they take advantage of the Fact that the Company like dealing with a Small group of Suppliers to Avoid Contradiction. A visit to Their Website on http://www.tyl.co.ke does not give much information about the Company either.

So, Thinking about the Chances and the Few people We talked to, We can conclude that although Jimi Wanjigi’s businesses are nothing less than corruption minting, It is also a simple entry to Government contracting for Small upcoming business owners.