After successful nominations in Favour of Kabete Member of Parliament Ferdinand Waititu to succeed The incumbent Governor William Kabogo of Kiambu, So many questions have been left unanswered. There have been many concerns about Mr Waititu`s eligibility as a successful candidate having in light his disputed educational background. His character and integrity has been questioned severally but that is not even the Main question. The question every person is asking is just how one of the Politicians perceived as least educated, poor and rough would rise rapidly to a point of Defeating one of the richest and powerful Political figures in Kenya.

Mr Ferdinand Waititu and William Kabogo at a past Function. PHOTO:/COURTESY

Now, Mr Kabogo is an extravagant Politician who so Much trusts his wealth to do almost anything for him. He has also had a fair share of controversy himself. From hatespeech to murder links and Crime, Kabogo has found himself on the spot. Now I would say to defeat such a person, one would only need to exploit his weakness. And that is the exact tactic that was used by Waititu and his Unites For Kiambu movement. Kabogo has one very visible weakness, Ignorance. From most of his speech and chest thumping, Waititu and Co. Found a loophole. All they needed to do was twist his speeches that were rather innocent, and Media Fabricate them to work in the Vice. Sure enough that was simple and it was just a matter of time before Kabogo came crumbling, HARD.