Money, That’s the Force that drives the Normal Gambler. I know for those of Us who were born with the worst of luck on that field it sounds crazy and overhyped,  but wait, this is really happening. There are  groups of young, sharp Kenyans mostly made up of University students that has taken the Kenyan betting industry by storm. In smart and well calculated Gambling events, this young Dudes are not at all afraid of staking high. They are placing Multiple of bets in the different gambling platforms,  at times up to a million Shillings a time.

One of the youngins making it big thanks to the Massive Kenyan sports betting industry.
The Sports betting Self styled “kings” can be spotted at times around the worlds posh shopping and holiday destinations

While many more guys are losing some or all of their savings in sports betting,  with some comrades spending all their fee on the Vice, This guys can afford to party in some of the biggest clubs around. With a wide network of connections,  anything is possible for the lot. And as more and more youths are winning and getting smarter,  the number of this New Money Youths can only go far up. 

This “Butterfly” Cinde is one of the biggest motivation for young Kenyans as of now and As you would guess, Some of this betting lucky stars have so far increased it’s population to a Few more pcs on the Kenyan roads.

I will run a Vlog series on our YouTube channel about how these guys are making the millions,  I will seek to Know, is it Magic, Brain or just pure luck. I will also be so interested in Learning just how much profit do these big Fish bettors make in a day. Click on our Youtube channel link on the bottom of this page and subscribe for The upcoming vlogs that will feature Some of the most successful business men and celebrities.