We always seek to get to the Under-grounds of Major Undertakings in the Kenyan market. This time round,  we seek to unearth the speculation going around about the possibility of a Hotel under development being owned by The Trump organisation, a Company owned by American business man and current president Donald J Trump.

An artistic impression of the Said Trump Beach Hotel and apartments that is currently under construction in Nyali, Mombasa

We visited the site of the development and even though the senior contractors did not directly admit any connections between the estate and the American President,  even most of the neighbours and construction attendants believe that the Hotel is either owned by Trump or owned by a business man who has successfully acquired licence from the Successful real estate and Hotel business mogul. We will post a Vlog on our Tour to the Construction site on our Youtube channel in the coming days as we seek to get more information about it’s ownership.  Kindly subscribe to the YouTube channel through the link on the bottom of this page for that and more.