Kevin Mulei is without doubt one loaded guy. He has a taste and hand for the fine things life has to offer. A few hours ago, he showed off his Hybrid Model i8 of BMW. While this looks like the best approach, it might not really be a Smart one. The coupe car will have a problem navigating through Nairobi , not because of bad roads but simply Because Kenya has not yet made any such sport car minded infrastructure. Having in mind the issue about Tesla luxury electric vehicles, it will be so hard for Mr. Mulei to enjoy the Electric/ Charging part of the i8. 

All the same here at Teron wish Mr. Mulei was Us, because we would also love to buy a BMW i8 and deal with it’s operation later. We know there are a few more super cars in Kenya that We should review, and we will be doing that in the Next posts. Mean while we love hearing from you. Drop us a comment.