Mark Zuckerberg and Nigerian president and other stakeholders when he visited Nigeria.

Following my Speculation report on the possibility of Facebook acquiring Mpesa, I got into a deep research, questioning, analysing possibilities from Individuals who Met Mr. Zuckerberg through out his trip, especially from 3 cities;

  • Rome where he kicked off his hunt.
  • Lagos, where he spent some time with Tech community and held talks with government officials.
  • And Finally Nairobi where he dropped by unexpectedly, held an emergency with the Communication Minister and held a closed door meeting with Technologists.

I would like to state that this is just an update and I will be writing a Full supported Piece in a few days. The reason for this update was Simple, to simply quote what exactly is happening. I have reliable sources who have Confirmed that indeed Mark Zuckerberg is deep into a new innovation. My sources have also Confirmed confidently that Facebook’s next big Business will be in Mobile money. I will be writing of the connection between Rome, Nigeria, Kenya and Zuckerberg but For now I leave it at that. Keep it Teron Futures to Know what exactly is cooking about Mark Zuckerberg and Mpesa. I will write an Original Post from Findings from the Techie’s meetings in the three Countries. Your thoughts are Welcome, On the Comments box.