Facebook buying Mpesa? Finally Reports about Zuckerberg’s Trip.

Mark Zuckerberg and Nigerian president and other stakeholders when he visited Nigeria.

Following my Speculation report on the possibility of Facebook acquiring Mpesa, I got into a deep research, questioning, analysing possibilities from Individuals who Met Mr. Zuckerberg through out his trip, especially from 3 cities;

  • Rome where he kicked off his hunt.
  • Lagos, where he spent some time with Tech community and held talks with government officials.
  • And Finally Nairobi where he dropped by unexpectedly, held an emergency with the Communication Minister and held a closed door meeting with Technologists.

I would like to state that this is just an update and I will be writing a Full supported Piece in a few days. The reason for this update was Simple, to simply quote what exactly is happening. I have reliable sources who have Confirmed that indeed Mark Zuckerberg is deep into a new innovation. My sources have also Confirmed confidently that Facebook’s next big Business will be in Mobile money. I will be writing of the connection between Rome, Nigeria, Kenya and Zuckerberg but For now I leave it at that. Keep it Teron Futures to Know what exactly is cooking about Mark Zuckerberg and Mpesa. I will write an Original Post from Findings from the Techie’s meetings in the three Countries. Your thoughts are Welcome, On the Comments box.


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