Following my last post on Facebook’s interest in buying Safaricom’s Mpesa, I would like to make a few clarification, primarily to my Kenyan readers who raised few Concerns. First the mostly asked question was who is Mark Elliot? I would say I personally depend mostly on Wikipedia, And I had for long thought that was the name of Facebook C.E.O. Still I stand to be Corrected.

             Info Credit:/ Wikipedia.

On the most important question or issue raised, How Credible is the article? Again, this was a Concern from a Majority Kenyan readers. I had stated, Very cleary on a heading Facebook wants to buy Mpesa in Africa’s biggest buy out

That is first of all a simple English sentence. There is a huge difference between wants to buy, buys, and will buy, so I will Clarify on Facebook’s CEO wanting to buy Mpesa.

  • Wanting being by showing interest in Something, if you are in technology, or a staunch follower, you must have a detail to detail info on this techie big fishes. If you are you must have seen Mark’s interest on Mpesa.
  • I have at least had a chance of listening to Mark both here in Kenya and abroad, and his envy of Mpesa is so Clear. When he was in the country last week, he gave direct signs both on Social media and in person.
  • For those who might be thinking Mark was in Kenya on a normal tour, You are mistaken because he said it more than four times that he was in Kenya sorely to talk about Mpesa.
  • Lastly, Am not only Kenyan, am human and I use electronics that make typing errors. If you find a typic error or wrong spelling, that is not enough to raise issues, Am not so well educated.

    From the CEO’s updates, it’s obvious that he is so interested in Mpesa, it only takes Normal thinking to see that.