So you have got that great Business that You believe is the next big thing. It may be a Franchise, a great Software or even the next big Disney land. The first most important thing is taking a step towards your goal. Nobody funds an idea. People want to see tangible things. Investors want to feel that there is a Catch in a certain business. So if you are still thinking about what a great thing your idea is, but it is still in your head, you need to add more effort. Sacrifice is a factor to greatness, and also to getting funded. So to the best part.

I recently attended a Workshop for African young Entrepreneurs which was graced by over 30 capitalists. So many businesses got funded while some Were rejected. Unlike what you see on reality TV, Sharks, or eagles as others call them have a taste for success. They are also good risk takers and are always willing to invest. So if you have a great profitable business/ Start-up and wondering how to make it great, We have your backs. There is an upcoming meet up with American investors for those in Nairobi, Jo’burg, Lagos and Pretoria. Your idea should be:

  • Technology invention
  • Agri Business
  • Community involvement
  • Educational
  • Manufacturing

NB: Do not pitch your ideas on the Comments, just tell us how your idea Works, how profitable it is or What problems it solves and We will help you Pitch to a perfect Capitalist and get funded. Leave your Contacts and We will Forward it to them.