The Kenyan government recently decided to give at least 30% Of it’s tenders to the youths and Women. I wonder if this was to really have the majority have the Minor impact or just to try and hide the real business. Tenderepreneurs, Cartels, godfathers.. Just names, but who are this guys? What Impact do they command in you getting the tenders??

I was doing my ussual stalking of the big fish when I came around this topic. Apparently, this guys own almost all tenders in the National government. They then decide which individuals to award the tenders. I met one such person, it was an honor so no mentioning names. He is the types of people who you would call a business ninja. He is underground, he makes money silently and lives as such. Getting to him is one thing, convincing him is something else. But the moment you get your first deal, nothing can go wrong. Trust runs the tender business, Silence is a Code, thats why we may never hear of how some companies end up getting major business in a few months of Founding. I will be following on this, but just in case, I would love to hear your thoughts. Remember this is  the ultimate site for all aspiring billionaires, Drop a comment below!!