Article by Mark,Online entrepreneur,

New York.

Are you wondering what business is great for you?? Do you have some spare time that you want to monetise? Trust me, all you need is a good laptop, a good phone, internet connection and a little bit of training.

Online bisiness is a huge industry in America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Although most people do it as a part time job due to it’s flexibility, there are People whose lives fully depend on it. Online Business is a very rewarding venture, one that can pay double or triple your own salary. Right now, with a good coaching, people are making thousands of dollars online. It has now even evolved into a full time business with staff and Premises. Personally, I deal with three of the Most profitable fields.


– This is mostly viewed as the laziest form of trading, and it is actually Very rewarding. You don’t have to sell any products or deal with any Customers. All you do is Find a Company that pays for referrals and there you go. Amazon for example is one of the highest paying. Imagine getting a 75% commission on anything they sell through You. There are thousands of such Companies. All you need to do is Get down to it.

2) eBay AND ETSY

– Another great business. People have told rags to riches stories through this two platforms. You can sell anything on eBay. Farm products, Motors, new or used items etc. If you are into arts and such handmade items, you can just decide to also get into ETSY. All you need is an account and a bit of training and you are good to go.


– Blogging has been around for a while now and people are now realising what a big money business it is. Initially, people started Blogging for fun, until now. All you need is to have an impressive idea or intrest and you are good to go. There are Companies worldwide that pay so much cash to run adverts on blogs. You can also use your blog to run banner ads or to just promote your Affiliate marketing projects or your e-commerce. 

Those are my best fields although to Make complete use of my so abundant time, I also do information marketing and run a Personal e-commerce site. Here is where you use your talents or profession to make a salary for yourself. So what are we waiting for?? If this is what you have been waiting for, drop a comment on the comments section and let us get you started.